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Helping Solopreneurs Figure Out Social Media
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As a solopreneur, it's normal to have a small online marketing budget. You can't even tell if social media is going to help your business grow, after all!

This is where I come in. I use a combination of manual posting and automated tools to save time. This helps me offer social media marketing packages with prices that start at only $99/month.

Here's what I can do for you.

1. Full social media marketing strategy. With this package, we discuss your goals, and then I come up with a detailed plan which includes sample posts, a content calendar for up to 12 months, etc.

2. Automated social media posting setup. Yes, there are tools out there which can automate social media for you. They grab targeted posts from the top industry sites, and then they feed them to your social media accounts. Are they perfect? Surely not! But are they effective and inexpensive? Surely yes!

3. Social media audits. You may already have a social media strategy in place, but it isn't working fine. Maybe you don't post the best content, or maybe you publish it when nobody is looking forward to seeing it. I fine tune your existing social media campaign, optimizing it until your posts boost their engagement rates by at least 30%.

4. Social profiles setup. Your company name is probably available on hundreds of social media sites. You may never use most of those sites, but you don't want somebody else to grab them and use them as if they were yours. I visit each site, register your profile, set it up manually, and then email you the user/pass combination.

5. Traffic increase services. I discover the best industry forums, and then I start visiting them on your behalf, posting useful information and answering questions that your potential customers may ask. Since my (actually, your) name will include a link to the site, many people will visit it, increasing the number of potential leads.
My services
Will Facebook Spaces work?
Under-age social media usage
Did you know that over 50% of
children have a Facebook account?
It's not surprising, because 80% of
the parents are unaware of the age
restrictions that are associated with
the various social media sites.

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Fake social media fans exposed
These days it is really easy to
purchase fans and followers.
However, they won't do your
business any good, because they
won't become leads.

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Wars and social media
Twitter has been used as a political
platform during the last few years.
Presidents utilize it, and people like
you and me use it to voice their
opinions. Wars continue to be
fought on the ground, but also on
social media.

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Spaces, Facebook's VR social
network, is now available to people
who have an Oculus Rift VR
headset. But will it be a success?

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